Professor Peter Lyne
Peter Lyne
Professor Lyne grew up on a farm, studied agricultural engineering and has since worked in the field of mechanisation, alternative energy and control systems. This was both at the University of Natal and with industry in general. He spent a number of sabbaticals in the USA working on mechanisation projects and alternative fuels for diesel engines.

Now retired as an Emeritus Professor and an Engineering consultant. Current projects include, PBS vehicles, biomass for cogeneration, controlled traffic systems and supply chain analysis. 
  Quote:   "If you are in control, you are not going fast enough."
 Position:   Emeritus Professor

 Discipline:   Bioresources (Agricultural) Engineering
 Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
 Telephone:   083 652 6088
 Research areas:

  Optimum performance of agricultural machinery
Application of computer vision in agriculture and precision agriculture
Control systems and instrumentation
Costing and mechanisation planning
Supply Chain and transport systems
Alcohol and synthetic diesel fuels
         Recent Publications:

  Lyne, PWL, 2013. Chapter in Book; Decision support systems for sugarcane production managers IFC Cane Industry Sugarcane manual, covering all aspects of sugarcane production and discusses their features and benefits (see link

Boote, G.L.N., Bezuidenhout, C.N., Lyne, P.W.L., 2012. Issues Pertaining to Cane Supply Reliability and Stockpiling at the Umfolozi Sugar Mill – A Model Development and Application. International Sugar Journal, 115 (1371) :200-207.

S. Moodley, C.N. Bezuidenhout * and P.W.L. Lyne 2012. An investigation into sugarcane vehicle loading with respect to influences on overall transport efficiency. INTERNATIONAL SUGAR JOURNAL 2012, VOL. 114, p 28-33.

Lyne, PWL, 2012. Decision support systems for sugarcane production managers. Proc S Afr Sug Technol Ass 85: 206-220.